A dog-friendly policy can be the deciding factor in where to go, what to do, and where to live. When your dog is a priority, your Dog Friendly Consultant can help you build a life where your dog is always welcome.





All locations listed as “dog friendly” are open to pet dogs who are able to behave appropriately in public around people and other dogs. If you are not sure your dog is ready for a pet-friendly outing, our post “Is my dog ready?” can help you decide.

**The Dog Friendly Consultant does not advocate for the misuse or abuse of Service Dog, Emotional Support Animal, or Therapy Dog status, titles, or definitions. Only legitimately trained Service Dog teams that meet the minimum requirements and definitions under federal law are allowed access in places that are not expressly dog-friendly. Misrepresentation of a Service Dog is punishable under federal law. For more information about access laws, please visit “Service Dog Law” section of the Resources Page of Good Job Dogs, LLC.